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UFE is a media based, research, development and distribution company located in the Greater Toronto area. With the assistance of an international team made up of military historians, and scholars based in the UK, UFE is currently developing the untold life-story of Scottish radar pioneer Sir Robert Watson-Watt.

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Please support our Sir Robert Watson-Watt crowd funding campaign which will launch in March 2019. Alternatively, donations can we made through this web site.

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About Rob Herholz

Rob has been involved in the media industry for close to 3 decades. A strong advocate for Canadian film and filmmakers, he was the former Managing Director for Anchor Bay Canada, a division of the Starz Media Group. His extensive background includes sales, marketing, customer service, project development, distribution and operations.

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About Bryan Davies

Bryan Davies is an award winning author, commentator, and creative works consultant. Author of several hundred articles spanning history, law, sport, and politics. In 2013 he and Andrew Traficante co-founded Tagona Creative, a successful Canadian creative-works incubator. Bryan is also a founding partner with United Front Entertainment, a Canadian film distribution and content development enterprise.

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Our collective vision is simple....to tell amazing and unique stories to the widest audience possible. Through traditional publishing and distribution platforms, to new and emerging technologies, our mandate is to reach domestic and international audiences with compelling and entertaining content based on historical figures, places and events.

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Our world is full of rich, amazing, and incredible real life tales. As the saying goes, truth is stranger than fiction. Think you have a good tale to tell? If so, contact us! 

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